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    Phil, I had come to a similar
    about the shoot-out article. Several engines were missing – Exalead
    as you mentioned. But the natural
    language search engines, such as Hakia, were not covered. A more interesting study would be to test Hakia against Google and Yahoo.

    I also thought there were odd groupings. I wouldn’t have placed the Congoo web search with make-and-share services of Rollyo and Prefound.

    Lastly, I would not have included Altavista or Alltheweb in the shootout at all. They almost always return the same results as Yahoo and it’s a puzzle to understand how either could score better than Yahoo in any test – and certainly not the very plain and now featureless Altavista. Speaking of which, I enjoyed your Which-search-engine-when page but I’m surprised that you too favour Altavista.