• http://www.markbarrera.com Mark Barrera

    Meetup is a great place to find great local organizations that cater to Search Marketing.

    I’m proud to serve as the President of the DFWSEM (www.dfwsem.org). We serve the North Texas region with monthly meetings with presentations from the same speakers you see at the big national conferences.

    There are other similar organizations in Portland (SEMpdx), Kansas City (KCSEM), Salt Lake City (SEM SLC) and others that people in those cities should check out.

  • http://www.empirecovers.com jake goldblum

    that is great- i hope everyone who has a good meetup post their meetup in this discussion. It only helps grow the community or businesses

  • http://twitter.com/#!/hidanielg HiDanielG

    I’ve been dying to attend a meetup on SEO, but it’s seems like there’s nothing really happening meetup-wise in San Francisco. Who knows about SEO meetups in SF?

  • http://seo-cubed.com Warren

    I moderate a similar group in SF bay area. Membership limited to local in house search marketers. Other limitations apply but if interested email Warren @ SEO-cubed.com