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    Fascinating. Most interesting to me is the 62% of search going to local activity and the 43% to healthcare. I’m in the trenches every day meeting people that do both. They’re doing healthcare research and they are seeking services locally. There is an entire segment of the population (how many in America are uninsured?) that are seeking solutions, and as a result they are meeting face-to-face with local healthcare practitioners, after searching online. Interesting to see how things progress and evolve over the next few years.

  • Rich

    Thanks for the recap Greg. I think Microsoft’s frustration with the current quality of search (only 1/4 successful) is paramount to the idea that Bing’s potential success will only improve search. Not necessarily because Bing is better than Google, but because Bing could provide a solid alternative and therefor significant competitor to Google. With the massive investment Microsoft is making to make gains on Google, and the determination of Google to remain ahead of the pack, search will experience immense improvements. Read more of my opinion on this here. http://lab.77agency.com/search-engine-marketing/can-bing-level-the-search-playing-field-3148/