• David_lou

    I don’t really understand all preoccupation with silly quotes.

  • Darrin Ward

    He was serious, but I think there was a misinterpretation here. He seems to be talking about people walking down the street and their location at a given point in time and whether Street View would allow someone to be tracked down in real-time, not about where they live. So, when he says “you could just move, right”, he means that by the time the image makes it to Street View, you’ll no longer be there.

    I don’t think he meant just move house.

  • http://www.deepripples.com Deep Ripples Bill

    Sometimes “silly quotes” or simply verbal gaffes. Often times they are quite revealing as they indicate a more truthful, instinctive response. As in, “Did I really just say that out loud?”

    I think Schmidt was saying that the privacy ship sailed a long time ago. Everyone knows where you live and can find you, if they know where and how to look. I say he was being facetious but he really did mean move to another house.

    My two cents.

  • http://www.cyberboomerang.com/services/attract-traffic/search-engine-web-design-seo/ James_alex


    I must say the quotes are very silly. The conversation between Parker and Schmidt is good but at few places the silly words spoken by both. Ya surely Schmidt was talking about privacy ship, I also noted.
    Nice one.
    Thanks… :)

  • skwdenyer

    If I want to see where you live, I can drive there and look (if I have the address). Google saves me a drive, but doesn’t show me anything I couldn’t see for myself if I was there. How, then, is Google ‘evil’ for doing this? Schmidt is right; if the world knows where you live (because you or somebody else told them) then you might have to move to avoid them. Google themselves won’t do anything ‘bad’, they’ll just save a few people a trip.

    I’d much rather people looked at my house on Google rather than traipsing over here to look at it in person. Wouldn’t you?