• mike_thesearchagent

    Great post Vanessa. I too was keeping track of the Super Bowl commercials yesterday, but I was using my iPhone vs. a laptop. This is probably more in line with what the masses would be doing. The big winner on Mobile Search yesterday was Chevrolet, which I detailed in this blog post:


    Interested how this looks next year at this time as I imagine mobile search literacy will grow by leaps and bounds in 2011.

  • http://about.me/socialjulio Julio Fernandez

    Hi Vanessa, I was looking for Facebook URLs during the Super Bowl and here are the ones I found: http://goo.gl/1GLDP

    I think it was clever that Pepsi promoted Pepsimax.com/Facebook and it took you to a different Facebook.com/pepsimaxusa tab vs if you just go to Facebook.com/pepsimaxusa (their default tab Cooking with Snoop)

    By the way, Facebook.com/pepsimax is their UK page. FB has a big problem with global brands that need similar vanity URLs

    All of the pages I found had a welcome tab reminding people to click \like.\ I think that is the proper approach. I would love to test the number of people that leave the page because they do not want to click \like\. I do not think it is a big number as you think.

    Carmax had the FB and Twitter icons but no URL. If you visited carmax.com right after the ad, their site was down.

    Chewy did not have a Facebook vanity URL, cause Facebook.com/chewy is a different person!

    It was hard to find the URL for the movie RangoMovie.com as the type was very small in the ad and I had to stop my DVR to see it. Their FB page is live, with over 12k \likes\ yesterday… same number today… sounds like they do not care about promoting the URL http://www.facebook.com/Rango

  • http://www.mcmillinconstructioncustomhomesinc.com Floyd McMillin

    Thanks Vanessa for the extensive post! Your point about Pepsi Max and getting caught up with the metrics definitely rings a bell with some advertisers that I have come across.

    They should focus more on their entertainment and engagement value rather than stats!