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    This observation is especially important in highly competitive markets. You can’t launch a new web site and expect to win on highly competitive terms out of the box.

    But if you have tons of content on your site, and it’s designed to pull in long tail terms, you can get lots and lots of traffic while you are building your campaigns to rank for the more competitive terms.

    Pays the bills!

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    This is especially important after you’ve been in the market for some time and have gained a lot of trust. Long tail terms are much easier to rank highly for and can bring in much more traffic than you would expect. In one of my campaigns, long tail terms account for around 55% of all searches, and the conversion rates are much higher.

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    We just introduced a new search engine which clusters the Google search results with popular head and long tail as query refinements (www.useAPI.com). You can read a press release here http://www.prweb.com/releases/2006/12/prweb492586.htm?tag=search+engine

    Have you gave it a try?

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    Here is a related Webmaster blog post released by Google, that touches on this very same matter

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    I find it a struggle to not go overboard with long tail versus big terms. My failings have sometimes been related to this, and concentrating on long tail terms more proportionately than they should be.