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    Please, lets not be naive…

    “Of course, Google could have shut it down at any moment, but has decided to simply throttle it instead of completely blocking it.”

    Really? And expose itself as the megalomaniac – and yes, evil – ogre it really is?
    Of course not. Any good propagandist will tell you that squeezing and throttling is the way to go.

    Google’s zenith is over. And if they don’t know that, they must be really more stupid than even I thought.
    Yes, there are a LOT of so called “sheeple” in this world.
    But there are also a LOT of those who are not and who are willing to DO something against what they dislike.
    I am one.
    I MIGHT use Google only is the life of someone very dear to me really – literally – depended on it. Until it doesn’t… no way.

  • http://sillama1.xanga.com Silvia Wilson

    The content, the short story “Scroogled” still exists on multiple websites in numerous translations as well as the original English. I copied this comment from the craphound site:
    (also checked, and the links both work)

    Russ Hunt says:

    October 15, 2009 at 7:30 am

    I’ve just shared this story with Kate Hunt, my daughter, whom you met at the Ottawa Writers’ Festival (she didn’t know of it). But in order to do it I reformatted the HTML — the version at http://craphound.com/scroogled.html is just about unreadable. If you’d like you can take the reformatted version I put up for her: I think it’s more readable. It’s here:


    (Not linked from anywhere; I haven’t clawed my way through all the creative commons bumph at the bottom of the text . . . ).

    — Russ

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    Let the google scrapper ‘clone wars’ begin! :)~