• http://mcanerin.blogspot.com Ian McAnerin

    Congrats to all on the list (it must have been fun to write that you are one of the best bloggers, Barry!)

    But dammit, I just finished added 2 dozen new RSS feeds to my reader on January 2, and now I notice a few more in this list I had missed.

    I have no choice but to add them now – you guys are killing me. How’m I supposed to get any work done with all this reading and learning goin’ on? ;)


  • http://www.acclivitymarketing.com/blog Solomon Rothman Web Design Search Engine Marketing

    Excellent list of SEO/SEM Blogs. I added a few new ones to my read list. It’s a good thing I can speed read effectively.

  • http://www.feedthebot.com feedthebot

    taps foot

    Congrats to all… especially Stuntdubl, who made the best post of the year.