• Nick Wilson

    Danny, we need FULL FEEDS.

    Come on, it’s 2007.

  • http://andybeard.eu/ AndyBeard

    +1 what Nick says

    It is good that the SearchCap is now full text, as of 3 days ago it wasn’t

    I have actually received some traffic from the niche reblogs that are picking up my content from Technorati so I am normally kind enough to leave them a backlink trackback, as long as they are only using excerpts and have a live link.

  • http://www.morgretdesigns.com morgret

    I agree, full feeds are good. I use an offline reader so that I can catch up on posts when I’m away from the net and the full feeds are quite helpful.

  • Ian

    The trouble with offering full feeds is the likelihood that they’ll be abused. A client of mine had to drop full feeds after their posts ended up being pulled into a spam/porn site…

  • http://www.grifemidia.com.br Alvares

    Congratulations for the modifications in this blog. The alterations will be able to help more the engines of searches to identify links of authors and spams. I am Brazilian and I always enter in this site.

  • http://www.aosep.com MattKP

    Barry, why is there no threat in the United States?

  • http://www.freemarketresearch.co.uk 360view4u

    great article — I always thing what is best for wiki — should we start something new with more policing or rather try to fix already very popular site and you answered in well mate!!