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    How are your gmail referrals occurring?

  • http://www.rklau.com/tins/ Rick Klau

    Hi Danny –

    What a great wrap up on a terrific first month!

    Wanted to share that though we are planning to release a more flexible date selector for analyzing feed stats, you can access the month of December by exporting your stats. Under the Feed Stats section of the ‘analyze’ tab, click either Excel or CSV and you can then isolate the data for December.

    Happy New Year, and keep in touch.

    –Rick Klau
    VP, Publisher Services

  • http://www.wowter.nl/blog wowter

    Hi Danny,
    One important factor you didn’t mention is the fact that Chris only joined later in the month. Meanwhile he kept potential visitors interested in SEW, who didn’t make the switch to SEL yet.
    Another point is that in my opinion the quality of SEW has dwindled since you, and some of your collegeas have left SEW. When other SEW readers start noticing this as well, the future looks bright for this blog.
    Success, and keeping on posting these really interesting pieces.

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    This blog might consider adding public stats, that could be accessed by visitors anytime.
    It is awesome how fast this trend has taken off among top bloggers


    But more important than number of visitors, are quality of visitors!

    One would presume that this blog attracts an overall more well educated, middle management professional or web savy consultant in the marketing and advertising fields.

    The loyal visitors are much more valuable,than the Digg or Boing Boing visitors who clicked because of some luring title with the word SEX in it, and who many never come back, until the next sensational title.

    Based on the most popular search terms listed – with the exception of ‘top google searches 2006’ – even those do not appear to be the most learned of professionals.

    And hopefully, people who are putting in SEARCHENGINELAND as a * search term * , are doing so for a good reason (duh).

    Those returning visitors, using direct navigation, are a highly desirable, sophisticated group – splendid for any marketing Website to have.

    They are the Creme’ de la Creme’ of this readership.

    It would be more intriguing to show the stats from the specific geographic locations that send the most vistors.

    Which would allow one to generalize about the Overall education level and income of the most loyal segment based on census data.

    Compiling a list of the most intelligent search queries, along with the average time spent on the site by those visitors, and whether those visitors actually returned – would be the ultimate benchmark on the success of the blog in attracting the potential movers and shakers in this industry.

    a-hem, cough-cough

  • http://www.submitawebsite.com Joe Griffin


    Showing off your list of search referrers makes me want to run out and establish relationships with those firms. It’s amazing to see the breakdown of all of your traffic. I think the best thing of all is that you don’t actually have to rely on search traffic to build your business. Your name recognition, industry knowledge, and overall great writing skills does the trick for you. Congratulations on your success!