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    These stats are impressive, and illustrate how versatile Social sites have changed the landscape of the traditional dependancy on Search Engines. :-)

    It is a good idea to show the stats daily – both the good days,the bad and the mediocre.
    This is a learning experience, so all information is quality information.

    But, one major flaw with the stats packages referenced, is they do NOT show the TIME a particular visitor spent on that landing page nor the OUTCLICKS.

    Sitemeter DOES do this, which is why it is an alternative worth sharing for true transparancy.

    Analyzing the time and the overall ‘average’ time spent, illustrates how entertaining the topics were – and the OUTCLICKS illustrate whether they were intrigued to explore other pages, or if they did a cursory glance and clicked the back button to go back.

    (sometimes getting many replies can be a hint, but usually the piece has to be controversial)

    Also, it would be intriguing to find out what percentages are returning visitors.

  • http://andybeard.eu/ AndyBeard

    You are running MyBlogLog on the site and their stats are live as well. They also provide clickable links.

    One thing I would like is for them to provide a list sorted by most recent activity, but you can certainly spot traffic coming in as it happens for any larger spike.

    The Pro service isn’t that expensive for what it give you, and we all know running an analytics service is a heavy drain on servers.