• http://www.solaswebdesign.net Miriam

    You know, it really is amazing how in an instant, a single graphic can convey a complete concept. Yes, the text is necessary to briefly explain the point of the graphic, but so much information is transmitted just by looking at the graphic.

    This is worth paying attention to for all of we bloggers.


  • http://blog.mindvalleylabs.com/marketing/powerful-seo-illustration-importance-of-keyword-clustering/ MindValley Labs

    Excellent post! This graphic is a very powerful and effective illustration. I shared it so much, I had to share it with our readers here.

  • http://www.distilled.co.uk tom_distilled


    Love the graphic and I think that what everyone has said is very true – a picture tells a thousand words!

    The only thing missing from this illustration is the fact that the clustered keyphrases do not need to include the term ‘logistics’. Now that LSI (latent semantic indexing) is around you should also include ALL relevant keyphrases, not just the ones which include the target term.


  • Illah

    I seriously just encountered a question from a potential client this morning for which this image would have been the perfect answer…if only I came across this ~4 hours earlier :-)

  • http://www.covenantglobal.com seoscale

    The graphics are awesome, and it really drives the power, and point, of clustering home. However, the individual balloons in your graph seem to be representing individual pages within site. Are you suggesting that the clustering be isolated to one page, or create new pages for each section, and then create internal links?

    I provide seo services and I want to make sure I fully understand the concept of clustering.