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    How about an explanation for this: “if optimized, RSS feeds can show on a search results page” This is hyper vague and offers no explanation. I have successfully had RSS feeds ranked well, but I’m sure others would appreciate these tips:

    * Have a link to the RSS feed on every page, as well as an “autofind” link in the header
    * Make sure your desired keywords are in each title and description node
    * create good, readable URL’s for each link in your feed
    * make sure the feed is standards compliant

  • http://www.weboptimist.com WebOptimist

    Good suggestions. For those who want to see an example, try this. Search for “palm springs seo” and take a look at somewhere around position #5. My blog comes in at the top of the results, but my RSS feed also ranks.

    Very powerful. Something to take very seriously in your organic ranking campaign.

  • http://www.yhurhere.net/twitter Ryan Gerardi

    Do you have any insight on how RSS feeds can be utilized for inventory display purposes, particularly for autos? I have experimented with this but am always interested in feedback from others.

    The unique aspect to inventory is that unlike traditional RSS feeds with content that always remains, autos come and go all day long. An RSS feed of inventory is beneficial to shoppers in that it theoretically is always up to date and does not require database management.