• Alan

    I like her, she stuck it to Cutts over the Panda/Google local debacle. Quite frankly Google local is a mess now and I am surprised the big SEO news blogs are not investigating it. I personally think she should have been Googles next CEO however that was never going to happen. She liked to tell it like it is and if there is anything we know about the top echelon at Google is that they don’t like being told how things are!

  • Alan

    After reading some other articles about this you can’t help feeling there is some serious bad blood between her and the board. Apparently she announced her resignation by phone and not in person. I can’t help feeling there is some real fireworks happening upstairs at Google at the moment. The next 5 years are going to be fun ones.

  • Dana Todd

    It’s kind of sad that Google can’t retain its top female talent, that they have to go to other companies because they can’t ultimately hope for a CEO title at Google. It’s good for Yahoo, though, as she is probably one person who has a real sense of how Google makes its billions plus has the leadership chops to run a behemoth like Yahoo.

  • http://twitter.com/cashforapples Cash For Apples

    Good move for Yahoo! I think Mayer can bring a lot to the table. I’d like to see what she can bring to Yahoo for Search.

  • Alan

    I agree Dana Google for all it’s pretence at being a forward thinking company is just another fortune 500 that is top heavy with Testosterone. 

  • http://twitter.com/sardire Steve Ardire

    why ironically?….Search should be less a priority at Yahoo because they simply cannot effectively compete here anymore with Google Knowledge Graph and Bing.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Ironically because since she headed up search at Google for so long, some might assume she’d revitalize it at Yahoo.

  • The Shambolic Skeptic

    Yahoo! has to decide what it wants to be. What is the purpose? Damned if I can figure it out…. Good luck Marissa.

  • http://twitter.com/Solid_Air_Web Dave Wayne

    I wish that Yahoo would go back into the search business even it it would take them quite some time, any competition to Google is good in IMHO, BTW is that yet another women leaving Google.

  • Snoggler

    yet another woman? who’s left recently? Sheryl Sandberg left in 2008. People leave Google for other companies all the time. The former CTO of Facebook who left after IPO was also a ex-googler. but I guess cos it’s a him, so less interesting.

  • Snoggler

    I don’t think Dana said anything like that. Tim Armstrong left for a CEO position too, Nikesh Arora, Google’s chief business officer, wanted the CEO position at Motorola, but it eventually went to Dennis Woodside. There’s only one CEO at Google, top talent simply have to go to other companies for further challenges, same for both men and women.

  • http://twitter.com/AbsoluteVariety Krish Sailam

    I think Marissa is in for a few challenges. First, she is pregnant, perhaps pressuring her to make a deal with Google Search before October. Getting the revenue up before she takes a few weeks off will be key. I also think she will also run into a general culture clash at Yahoo. From my experience the mindset of the engineers and sales staff at Yahoo has always been subpar. For her to really get them to invent new technologies and come up with stellar products she has to a cultural change agent. 

    I wish her all the best of luck

  • http://twitter.com/kevinbaca Kevin

    The Yahoo homepage must be one of the stickiest sites on the web. So I get the content emphasis, but that does not mean there isn’t also an opportunity vis-a-vis search. Google+ Local has some problems.

  • http://twitter.com/cjz Chris

    I don’t think Mayer will be satisfied simply aggregating other people’s content. Do you need 10-15K employees to run the Today module and Y! OMG? I don’t think so. Yahoo! needs to be a product driven platform company and that’s why Y! didn’t settle for a media or finance person as CEO. I’d like to see Y! rebrand, redesign and get back into search (in some capacity)…this time powered by a Google ad feed.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J6AB7B7E2MLHHWGL4SWKY5UEFM bizhacks.com

    Good for her and congrats to yahoo, I hope they really let her work her way. She was very smart by leaving google, now that google is the most hated search engine in the world with their greedy feed based links and  ridiculous use or private personal and financial data. I bing using bing and now I love to use many yahoo services, Bing will soon Bing Google’s butt and yahoo will finish them, I hope : )

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J6AB7B7E2MLHHWGL4SWKY5UEFM bizhacks.com

     They can’t retain a top female talent? they can’t retain users, merchants or content writers with their pandas and penguins, good for her to leave, she can show her real talents and yahoo as the oldest big search engine, really deserves a chance to comeback, I hope they do PPC based on what the product costs, not just ridiculous PPC costs no matter how cheap the product is, also a more consistent and serious ranking, without mystery or tricks to make people unload the cash in adwords to maintain traffic, very nasty moves, do you still wonder why she wanted to leave?

  • http://twitter.com/CaptainSEO Kevin Heath – SEO

    I’d shag her too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dostarvind Arvindo Sarkar

    I believe google results are the most unreliable at the moment. I am a tea lover and I do searching on the web to get my fresh teas and to my utter surprise I type “darjeeling second flush 2012”  and get a result in google which lists 9 results from one domain from position 1 to 9. Infact the whole first page result is from one domain only. I tried searching the same with yahoo and bing, I get a reasonable result corresponding to different vendors. How can 9 pages from the same domain list on one page serially for a particular keyword phrase? Does this mean there are no other tea shops in the world who sells these particular teas? I am very disappointed with the result google is showing and this is just one example. There are many keywords that result in the same manner.