• http://www.ericinparkcity.com erichoffman

    Great tips Elisabeth – I just wish that I was as organized as you and had tix to the Spurlock film. I saw his Supersize Me movie a few years ago, and while the movie is awesome, he was even more entertaining in person during the Q/A!

    One other Sundance topic that I believe SearchEngineLand even broke the story on, is the woman who is suing Google Maps from having gotten “bad walking directions” during the Fest a few years ago – here’s the initial post:

    Hope to see you on the slopes!

  • http://www.adventuresinsearch.com Elisabeth Osmeloski

    thanks, Eric – guess I hide my disorganization well – this is the 7th SFF I’ve lived in Utah for, and yet it’s the first year I’ll even see a film, let alone two:)

    And even then, the tix are not my doing – YouTube, of course, set one up for me, and an agency friend asked me to see the Spurlock one – which is not the premiere, it’s the SLC showing.

    So it figures, my lack of local tix ordering has left me with wait-listing for the one I really want to see (My Idiot Brother)

    Thanks for bringing up the old link too! that was a big story.