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    Start growing that beard man – you’ll be a good mall Santa at Christmas

  • http://www.brokerblogger.com/brokerblogger/2005/07/general_broker_.html Brokerblogger

    It would be interesting to see if Searcharazzi can come up with advanced inside info (before “late Feb.”) on whether or not the SEMPO Board elections were affected in any way by the “SEO is NOT Rocket Science” baiting thing. I also hope SEMPO discloses how many of the 500 plus members voted.

    Here is my comment from ThreadWatch on “the baiting thing”:

    “SEMPO Board Member Needs “Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy”
    The main “smoke” in this “baiting” thing is the fact that most search marketing buyers who read all this stuff don’t know that Kevin, his partner, and their SEM company are associated with SEMPO. SEMPO’s mission statement says “Our purpose is to provide a foundation for industry growth through building stronger relationships, fostering awareness, providing education, promoting the industry, generating research, and creating a better understanding of search and its role in marketing.”

    Kevin and his partner need to be cognitive of the fact that their behavior needs therapy (Ironically, Kevin’s wife provides this professional service). PPC vs. SEO is not “building stronger relationships”, “fostering (positive) awareness, providing (100% accurate) education, promoting the (entire Paid and Organic Search) industry, generating (consturctive) research, and creating a better (clear and easily comprehendable) understanding of search and its (proper and true) role in marketing.”