• http://www.mm-agency.com/ Michael Martin

    Any hint to this company on the west coast that has received declining offers? Is it in the San Diego area?

  • Searcharazzi

    Oooh…a game of hot and cold. San Diego is cold. Head north.

  • tmsearch

    For those in the DFW area, this is actually old news. Many know that this company has been plagued by poor internal decisions and problems since the Zunch/Kinetic split and the SEO walkout late last year. Rumor has it that theres less than a dozen people left at the company. Additionally, the new company Zunch Worldwide probably isn’t in good condition either (bankrupt also?).

  • imarketnc

    Just to clarify:

    Proceed was never acquired by WebSourced, although the parent company (CGI Holdings) did have an LOI that never panned out.

    Also, the CGI Holdings purchased MarketSmart Advertising (which is a full-service ad agency) in 2005.

    WebSourced (now gone) was rebranded as MarketSmart Interactive in 2006.

    AND, the kicker is that Chadd Lomoglio was VP of Sales for BOTH WebSourced and Zunch. I’m sure people can’t wait to pick that guy up!!!

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    It’s not a good idea to engage in rumor-mongering on a blog in such a way as to disparage a company’s reputation with completely unsubstantiated remarks and innuendo. It’s certainly neither professional nor helpful to the readers of this site.

  • http://randfish randfish

    I think this is a great post, and disagree entirely with Michael. Business rumors are fine as long as they’re stated as such (which the Searcharazzi column has always done).

    Very interesting to read about the operations/acquisitions/failures of SEO/M businesses over the years.

  • http://www.vizioninteractive.com Mark Jackson

    Okay…I’m gonna try to be as “PC” as possible, because you’ll find my name listed on the Chapter 7 filing under “Mark Jackson v Zunch”.

    SEM firms are successful (or fail) for the same reasons that any companies succeed or fail. Do good work, price your services fairly, operate ethically, manage finances correctly (as in pay payroll taxes, vendors, etc. on time) and build trust with your internal team and all clients.

    SEM is still a growth Industry. Granted, the Industry may be changing quite a bit, but that’s nothing new for the Interactive marketing space. If anything, traditional marketing is what I would consider an Industry in “decline”, but it’s hardly that. With the movement of media towards digital distribution comes Interactive marketing solutions that SEM firms are well established to strategize, manage and deploy.

  • http://www.elixirsystems.com Fionn

    Mark, spot on. the SEM industry is not above the normal best practices of running a business. The number of SEM agencies going our of busienss is no diffferent to any other industry since most of them are still offically in “start Up” less than 5 years. Companiens go out of business mostly becuase of mismangment not because of the industry they are in.

  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    Since our comment guidelines aren’t being followed, I’ve deleted some comments and am closing them entirely for this post.