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    I was posting blog few days a go regarding overstock.com action against small businesses that have domains with the word overstock included. Overstock.com sends a scary letter threatening to sue the domain owner for infringing its trade mark for millions of dollars. The letter also states that the domain owner must report all income ever made from the domain. Since I own a domain that ends with the word overstock.com I received the same letter. Back then I was place number one in Yahoo.com for the term overstock and on the top ten in Google as well. After telling to my lawyer I got a call from another person who own the domain overstocks.com, again overstockS.com. He had the same problem.

    Stranglly, Overstock.com did get the trademark for the term overstock.com but not for the word overstock by itself. They got it on 2004 and never protected it up until now when they are trying to get the trademark for overstocked.com. For that they need to show that the term is not in the public domain and they are the first to use it. Can you believe this?

    My article is http://overstckliquidators.blogspot.com/