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    The best way to ruin not only any team coordination, but also any relations at all, is to show this picture :


    Not sure about copywriters, merchandisers and more, but be ready to get the Look from IT guys and sarcastic pictures from designers … What a perfect way to build a team ))

    This is how it should look like, if you build long lasting business based on brand, instead of temporary solution to get a bit of traffic from search engines until the next major algo change :


  • Li Ma

    Thanks for another great article, Mitul! I can’t agree more on the characteristics you talked about in the writing. The best way to establish a successful enterprise SEO team is to get the “buy in” and “trust” from other business partners, because executing SEO strategies and tactics is a much larger team sport at an enterprise level. Obtaining the “enterprise-class” SEO platform/tools and facilitating different levels of SEO training would also expedite the development of a successful SEO team and assist the day to day SEO practice.

  • http://www.thesofaandchair.co.uk/ Tom Goodwin

    “In enterprise organizations, the SEO acts more like a coach than an individual player” – coaching is a pretty developed training approach these days. Courses like ‘train the trainer’ are a good introduction to this sort of thing