• narsticle

    I also saw a company called Interesponse.com – They cater to the local market offering landing pages, search engine marketing, tracking numbers etc. From what I understand they also have a sales force.

    Has anyone used these guys?

  • http://www.blizzardinternet.com Mary Bowling

    The challenge for those marketing SMBs online is to recognize and concentrate on those aspects of online marketing that actually benefit the brick and mortar stores their efforts are promoting.

    As a whole, the SMB owners seem as though they are finally ready to jump on board. Most have a long-term relationship with their local Yellow Pages and the phone book guys have worked hard to create packages that make it easy for them to buy. This is why they are rapidly taking over the SMB market.

    However, many of the sales people that the phone companies are using don’t get it. As a result, they are misleading clients in a way that will turn them completely off of internet marketing – much the same way as unscrupulous marketers damaged the SEO industry in the early days.

    The good news is that this creates plenty of opportunity for online marketing companies that will take the time to develop relationships with the SMB’s. Those that have the patience to educate small business owners and are willing to demonstrate success are destined to prosper.

    Most of us can do it better than the phone companies can, so if you want the SMB business, just go and get it!