• http://www.noggindigital.com/ Zach Kasperski

    Really great post on where search is going, especially since you give a nice landscape view of multiple networks that collect valuable data. To add to your piece on Google’s Knowledge Graph, they’ve really stepped up content relevancy and authority with Author Rank in their search results. This is typically seen as rich snippets with the Google+ information associated with the author of an article.

    We still hear people in the industry hate on Google+, labeling the social network as a “flop” that failed miserably. Let it be known that Google+ is not something to devalue in inbound marketing. Copyblogger even states that, “What’s been dubbed as ‘author rank’ has the potential to be the biggest algorithmic signal for SEO since the hyperlink itself.” Simply put, you should be sharing your content across all social channels.

    Again – thanks for your post, Barbara!

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  • Lidor Bar

    I really like this post on search engines and the future of those.

    I think that search become so accessible and easy, especially in google.

    But, there is still a lack in advanced search in sites. I am talking on search in e- commerce.

    To understand it more, go to Amazon or ebay and try to use the advanced search. It is too difficult and harm the user experience.

    Latley, I met some young entrepreneurs that working on a new search engine. They put the attention on the user experience. They are called bloompa or blompa.

    Will be interesting to see if it will effect on the other search engines.

    Thank you Barbara for an intresting article!