• http://www.harvard.edu crimsongirl

    Why pay for a course when we can learn everything we need to know at SearchEngineLand and similar sites? ;)

  • http://www.topranksearch.com David

    If a person is a “Search Marketer” they should know all this anyway????

    PLUS all the little things that doubtless won’t get talked about….

    Not one to rain on the SEMPO parade but ???????

  • http://www.jacquelinedooley.com jackied

    Crimson & David:

    As an industry, search has now grown up to the point where newbies don’t have to figure everything out by themselves by combing forums and blogs. Plus, there’s a huge need for entry-level people to help manage search projects.

    SEMPO created the Institute to meet the growing needs of the search industry to find qualified (and well trained) talent to help manage all those search projects out there. I’ve been in this business nine years and I’m still considering taking the fundamentals course. For one thing, a lot of brilliant people contributed to the creation both of the SEMPO Institute’s courses (and I’m not saying that just because I’m one of them). Plus no one person can be an expert on everything – it’s never to late to learn more about what you think you already know so much about.

    Jacqueline Dooley

  • http://www.searchmarketing.pt NunoH

    Sounds like a very good initiative. I’m glad SEMPO takes the lead, because prestigious institutions such as SEMPO should be leaders in such fields.