• http://www.concept-i.dk/ Thomas Rosenstand

    As long as you do not state: I see dead people ;-)

    You are right for the most part – I think that the Internet is improving all the time.

  • http://chuckreynolds.us Chuck Reynolds

    HAHA… I laugh because I do the same thing the second I see a web site… and it’s not something I can completely explain to anybody who’s not a seo-conscious dev or seo themselves.
    But I COMPLETELY agree with you and your post…

  • http://www.kristypage.net kristypage

    Agreed! Sites designed by a committee are not only horrible as a result, but a pain in the process.

    Great post!

  • http://www.tyseo.net/ tyseo

    Ok, I admit it too. I’m always looking for mistkes in websites I visit.

  • http://mcarter@receptional.com mcarter

    What a truly great article, this is what I’ve been feeling for a long time. I used to just feel it with design techniques but getting into SEO has made the big picture change.

  • http://www.simpledealsearch.com briteguy

    First off, Tom, thanks for the long post.

    But, I got really confused by your article. Your title is SEO has killed the (or my) Internet. However, your article seems to me more about CEO or corporate has killed the Internet, rather than SEO.

    The bad website designs has nothing to do with SEO, it has more to do with how companies don’t look at their sites from user perspective.

    Too much usage of Flash application on the site is a direct effect of unawareness of SEO. Had the webmaster known a bit of SEO knowledge, they should have figured out to use alternative text for Flash on their site. So, how that relates to SEO has killed the Internet?

    With decent SEO effort, it should help a lot of sites to be more user friendly. Since search is what users relying on to find pages, so naturally, SEO that helps better search will help better site design.

    My take is, if you are not a good designer, then, just keep the site simple, and still you could please your visitor. Take a look at my site:

    It is designed by me, a developer, not a web designer, but focusing on the site to be simpler, I still can get by without needing too much html work.

    So I think it is not the designers that screwed up websites, it is what the decision makers that are unwilling to improve the site, or corporate too much into the politics.

    But, again, I don’t see how SEO would come into play with the mess of the Internet.

  • http://www.robertdreher.nl RobertDreher

    I party agree with briteguy, SEO has changed the way you look at sites.
    But, I agree!