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    Couldn’t agree more that download speed is very important for user experience. There have been countless times when I have clicked off a website, without even seeing any content, because it took too long to load.

    Load time is also part of the puzzle and agree that quality content is very important. With that said, loading times are a sites first impression and will make or break a website.

    – Joe @pixelinsights:disqus

  • http://www.greyhatseo.org Tony

    Content is king and to be honest I have found download time to be one of those issues less frequently found in 2014.

    All that aside, the truly important aspect of any good site is the content that is developed and utilized to provide helpful information and to assist in the query of the user.

    I spend most of my time simply developing new content and content strategies. This piece, Shari, is some awesome content. Love it!

    Tony, The Guy in the Grey Hat http://www.greyhatseo.org @greyhatseo1

  • sharithurow

    Hi Joe-

    I think the reason that you clicked off a website “without even seeing any content” was the response time, not the download time.

    You might have had a different experience had the website shown some sort of progress…that your desired content was loading.

    Download time is, in some instances, an unfair metric. I don’t have control over others’ connectivity. So why should I (or any website owner) be held accountable for that?

    I understand wanting to make things faster for technology. But in my book, users come first. Fast or slow, poor content is poor content. I don’t think poor content should get a “boost” in rankings just because it’s machine speed is fast.

  • http://www.elite-strategies.com/blog Patrick Coombe

    Really interesting notion Shari, thank you.

    I think a lot about certain spammy pages that have a link to a page linked to another page and then another. Then when you get to the “download page” your download is surrounded by 4 adsense blocks all with “download now” and other related icons.

    Aside from the fact that that much adsense is bad, having to jump through that many hoops and sometimes view the pages source just to find the download can never be good for UX.