• http://rhenwilson.com/ Rhen Wilson

    Great article. I wholeheartedly agree with your approach and am actively working to do a similar pairing at my own company. Let me ask, you mention BrightEdge as your SEO software, but what social software are you using to collect the data that tells you what websites your customers are visiting when not on your website? Is that a social reputation software? Or are you talking about referral links?


    Great info presented here Warren, thanks! We’ve started using a simple approach; R=I=A=T=R which is research=information=authority=trust=relationships. As you pointed out it’s about relationships and the best thing we can do is build relationships with consumers and influencers within our respective markets. Relationships extend CLV, this make clients happy, happy, happy!

  • Joseph Abrams

    Brightedge does social too.
    you can also try New Brand Analytics

  • Mark Salke


    I enjoyed theses insights. The key, for me, is that SEO and social efforts ‘inform’ each other. The result is much greater than the sum of its parts. Nice job!

  • http://marketwithmario.com/ marketwithmario

    Great stuff here. It’s challenging to explain the value of social media to a small business and this helps for sure.

  • pramod kumar

    Hi I am a regular reader of your articles. But I have one query:
    Which website is more useful, beneficial for SEO- http website or https website?

  • Mayur More

    Very nice article Warren, As now days Social Marketing is dominating in every digital marketing campaign, the points you mentioned are really very helpful to build a strong SEOSMO strategy.

  • http://www.warrenlee.org/ Warren Lee

    Thanks. Not referral links. I’ve used several tools including Adobe
    social, Sysamos, but for this analysis you can even use free tools like
    twitalyzer to get the job done. Any tool that
    allows you to find out who your most influential followers is a good
    place to start. Then once you have a good list of people that are
    following you, I recommend putting their profile URL’s into a tool like
    screaming frog, and looking at the “redirect URL” report. Most folks
    shorten the URL’s that they share, so the redirect URL report will build
    you a list of the top sites that your followers like to go to in order
    to find quality content to share.

  • http://www.Leadamo.com/ Leadamo

    First of all, nice article!

    The way we use the internet is changing fast, everything is becoming more social and personal. We feel that search engine results will be based on what your circles of friends have recommended.

    It still comes down to delivering unique engaging content, and this means social media messaging too.

  • http://rhenwilson.com/ Rhen Wilson

    Thanks. Great info