• http://s.billard.free.fr/referencement Sébastien Billard

    It is true that the SES in Paris didn’t attracted much audience (I was there as a speaker).

    Two big reasons IMHO :

    – The pricing. We have several event of this type in France that are cheaper and provide the same quality of information (it is often the same people speaking at SES and other conferences)

    – The communication. : Truely it sucked. SES Paris were organized late and didn’t communicate.

    I am pretty sure that with a better communication strategy and an adapted pricing it could have attracted much more people.

  • http://www.cvfm.com David COHEN – CVFM


    The SEM and SEO market increase in France and Paris.
    I suppose: the crowd was at offices to work about ;-)…. except me (one afternoon to speak about The Long Tail) and some of my competitors which were the most represented at SES Paris.

    The crowd will be back when 1 or 2 specifications of Sebastien Billard will match a good public relations.