• luke.derheim

    If I have a HTML version of my menu and also a PDF version, will be I penalized for duplicate content? I like when restaurants have both due to the fact that I can print off the PDF easily, however I can view the HTML version quickly and it doesn’t take as long to download.

    Love the article.

  • http://www.bealoud.com BeAloud

    Hi Luke, I think that the HTML version would be ideal for search engines and you should avoid duplicate content . Let search engines index the HTML version only, but definitely keep providing also the PDF file to your customers. I would link the PDF from the HTML menu, offering a “printable version” of the menu.

  • http://silvery.com Chris Silver Smith

    Luke, I think having both HTML and a PDF version is probably the best scenario. I don’t believe you’ll have any major duplicate penalty problem — sites commonly have print-friendly versions, for instance, and I believe PDFs have less issues than print-friendly HTML pages.

    BeAloud, I’d go ahead and allow the PDF to be spidered as well — most restaurant sites have so few pages to begin with that watering-down their PageRank is unlikely to be a major factor.

  • ledisbri

    One could also use the new discrete linking opportunities available in a business owner verified Google Place Page, if the restaurant claims their Place Page they can add a link out to their menu.