• http://www.inbound-marketing-automation.ca EricGoldman

    This is a great article – thanks for posting it. Having been doing what you recommend in this post for some time, I have a few things to add:
    1) Social Media Marketing, SMM, works really well by having an immediate effect on traffic to your site. Much faster than SEO, and much more measurable because of the direct connection between commenting on SM sites and seeing people arrive on yours.
    2) We use a Process which is quite similar to yours, and in case it helps others to further their understanding of how to run a SMM campaign, I will end this comment with a link to a description of ours.
    3) We do calculate the ROI of our SMM campaigns. Many of our clients have asked how to do this and as a result we wrote 3 posts on (i) How to calculate the ROI of your website as a whole, (ii), the 10 bestfree ROI calculators on the Web, and (iii), How to build your own ROI calculator, which is the way we do this for SMM campaigns.
    The 3 posts are on the same index page as the How to Run a SMM Campaign post, so you can find all 4 here: http://bit.ly/cEc0ln.
    Hope this helps!

  • http://ci.biz360.com themaria

    Great article, Tony! Submitting content (only relevant content of course) to various social networks and news aggregators is a great way to 1) get the word out there, and 2) generate links to your online properties.

    Thanks for mentioning Biz360 in your post as well!

    Maria Ogneva
    Biz360, Social Media Director
    @themaria @biz360

  • http://www.YouBrandInc.com ScottScanlon

    Great article Tony. I think the move for traditional SEO should be rather simple, at least in theory. What you have outlined above is a good strategic overview of how to effectively get this done for any level of organization. It’s really about creating a system, then tracking back what works, why, and scaling.

    I always go back to strategic and tactical thinking when deploying to social media.