• http://www.LeadDiscovery.com/ Jerry Nordstrom

    Danny you really know how to pull the details together. Nicely done. I think the shopping engines have come a long way in their ability to pull pricing together for savvy shoppers. However, I also believe most retailers knowledgeable in this area intentionally manipulate their pricing to deceive the shopping engines and their visitors.

  • Jack Smith

    Danny, I would like to submit one more ‘search engine’ that was not on this list: InStockNearby.com. It has been especially useful to help me find where to buy Christmas gifts, when I had no idea which brick-and-mortar to go to.

  • Matthew C. Torres

    http://instocknearby.com doesn’t work for me on 3 browsers. The layout is subpar and doesn’t seem like a good shopping experience at all. Why would he add it to this list of sites?