• crimsongirl

    This is a great post. One of the best I’ve ever read at searchengineland.com. Thanks for walking through everything so clearly.

  • http://www.distilled.co.uk/blog/ Will Critchlow

    This is a great round-up. I find the maths fascinating (yes – I studied stochastic financial modelling, yes – I’m a geek).

    I wish there was software that would help implement portfolio pricing for smaller campaigns – most of our PPC management customers are far too small for most of the sophisticated software that’s out there.

    Half tempted to write some (I think there’s a big gap in the market) but then I remember how hard the maths is…

  • http://www.marketo.com/b2b-marketing-software/pay-per-click-management.php Jon Miller

    As Will points out, this is exactly the issue solved by portfolio-based bidding software. And, as he points out, this type of software is usually too expensive for smaller advertisers. If I may humbly suggest my company’s solution, check out Marketo: our portfolio-based bid optimization starts at just 4.9% of spending.