• http://www.calculatemarketing.com alanmitchell

    Hi Brad,

    You’re right that high bounce rates are not necessarily a bad thing, and can be a sign that the visitor has found exactly what they were looking for.

    For example, if the visitor made a product name search, such as ‘casio exilim x500’, and you took them to your casio exilim x500 page, the visitor can immediately see the price of the product, so bounce rate may be high.

    But if you took the visitor to a generic casio category page, bounce rate will no doubt be lower, as the visitor needs to click through multiple pages to find the casion exilim x500. You may have a lower bounce rate in the second scenario, but visitor experience is not necessarily any better.

  • Emma Coakes

    I also see a connection between bounce rate and very competitive keywords. It’s not so much competition being malevolent as certain words and phrases being regularly checked out by lots of people. So they might visit to see who is doing what and then leave fairly quickly, recording as a bounce.