• Colby

    Nice post Trond. Another way to help spot quality SEO is to consider what kind of questions the SEO consultant asking you as the business owner? Is the SEO expert asking about your overall business as well as online goals, how you envision your website (and SEO) supporting your goals, who your target customers and competitors are, what industry trends might be affecting your market, etc.? Or are they just asking you which keywords you want to rank for and how many pages you want them to write title tags for? An SEO consultant who wants to truly know your business in order to become a strategic partner and develop the right SEO strategies and tactics will be worth much more in the long run.

  • opedmkt

    Great post Trond, too many times we’ve had to pick up and rebuild SEO programs from these cheaper “cookie cutter” companies that do little more than build spammy links.

  • Petur J Petursson

    Very good post Trond. On the education note: I am not an expert, merely following what’s going on in SEO from a business perspective but I dare guarantee you that anyone fresh out of school will probably be sitting on 18 month old information at best. These things move so fast that if you’re out one week it takes you a full day to catch up. Problem is even track record might not prove to be sufficient, what worked well 6 months ago wont work today. I agree with Colby, there must be an interest in what the business is all about, a display of business understanding. Obviously being published on Search Engine Land doesn’t hurt either ;-) – Joke aside, could be a good question to ask, ‘- Are you published somewhere?’. Maybe also always seek second opinion, and make sure compensation is tied to FINANCIAL performance?