• Ronnie’s Mustache

    Great info!

    We’ve done this with a few accounts and have seen very good results. Doing the transition slowly over the last year or so has helped us mitigate much of the risk.

    I think you’re going to find a lot of people figure out that this is a necessary process. But I suspect much money will be lost in the meantime.

  • Laura McDonald

    Creating single keyword ad groups for large accounts (hundreds of thousands of keywords) becomes far too unmanageable – in terms of size and reporting. Instead what I’m finding works just as well is creating ad groups based on ‘good’ and ‘bad’ mobile performing keywords. Basically splitting out ad groups based on mobile performing keywords, so the ones that perform well increase the bids by x% and the ones that don’t reduce by x%.

    It’s much more easy to manage and in my opinion works just as effective. You can also split by different levels of performance so that you create different ad groups with multipliers (+20%, +40%, +60% etc)