• http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    “Regardless why you set up a blog or microsite, keep in mind they will only be SEO effective if worked like any other site.”

    Something I tell my clients all the time! If you want to create a microsite or blog on a separate URL, you have to treat it like it’s own site. That means developing a link building campaign and content promotion strategy.

  • Debra Mastaler

    Agree Nick, the concept of piggback linking is only helpful if the host site has a lot of authority and is regularly worked.  But also wanted to comment on your point about creating a blog on a seperate URL:

    Scott made a good comment when he said  …”There should also be a blog on the main site…”

    I couldn’t agree more and kick myself for starting the Link Spiel on a seperate domain.  In my defense, when I started it years ago I did so as an experiment but eventually I found myself unable to disengage and now have two brands to promote.  Dumb.

    Build your site to be the premier spot for whatever you sell.  I no longer suggest clients build seperate blogs (on sep URL’s) unless they are geographically based and/or for very different products.  I basically split my brand and doubled my time which, from a marketing and personal perspective, wasn’t a good idea. Live and learn :)

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  • http://twitter.com/Tudor_Davies Tudor Davies

    I’d say that if you have created your own infographic that you should always host it on your own site, why wouldn’t you? If you haven’t got a dedicated folder for images then just upload the image using your blog. 

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  • Debra Mastaler

    Tudor, I have never been a fan of sending content away from a site but I am also a believer in using whatever vehicle you can to promote your content so this one is tricky to assign an absolute.

    If I can place an infograhic, post, image, etc on a high traffic, algorithmically authoratative site which includes a link back to me, I’ll take it :)  Especially if I’m not that well known in a niche.

    Heck, I’d do it even if I was well known in a niche. :)

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  • http://twitter.com/ltgjamaica Liguanea Technology

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  • http://tpooi4lworkfromhome.blogspot.com/ Maurice Bernier

    Thanks for the great insight Debra.

    I will definitely be taking your advise and applying all the new practices you have just given me to my blogs and websites. Some of this I already new but, not linking my blog to my main site has been a really dumb oversight on my part. Duh!!!

    Thanks again Debra!

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