These are VERY innovative ads formats!

    Question to be answered: how does such ads influence users? Or we can ask differently: how does such ads on Google Maps enter into the decision process of buying behavior? Seems distant to me…

    Still, Bravo to these innovative ads!

  • http://silvery.com Chris Silver Smith

    Pay-per-click ads can be tied more closely to conversion activites, whereas many of the above ads would fall under “brand-building” or viral marketing types of advertising.

    KFC may not have immediately sold more chicken back when they built a giant logo ad on the floor of Nevada:


    But, they undoubtedly benefited from the gimmick since many people talked about what they did, wrote about it, linked to pics and vids involving it, etc. While it was an obvious effort to gain attention, so many of us glommed onto the publicity stunt that they definitely derived some advantage from it, compared to their competitors who were only doing more standard advertising.

    It’s harder to assess the benefit of brand-building activities in terms of sales-per-cost, because the benefit of brand-building can be longer-term and live well beyond when the initial promotion cost was incurred.