• http://www.roqstar.net/ roqstarseo

    Great Article. I only work in the Local Search Marketing realm and have been doing so for about three years, I have seen this exact chart above I only have ONE client that invests in all three avenues of advertising. Local, PPC and Traditional SEO, and guess who likes me the most, makes the most money and is doing overall the best in her life? The one with the highest online visibilty. So thanks again for the Great article.

  • http://IncreaseVisibility.com Dennis Brennan

    Really good to put in it perspective as you did.

    I too provide small business online marketing services (website, seo, ppc etc) however, many times I come across a small business owner that sees no value in online marketing and I do not want to attempt to sell him or her on why they need to invest in online marketing, it’s like cold calling. I’ve been told that if a business owner did not think of something themselves, they’ll look the other way.

    What have been your most successful ways to approach these SMB types?

  • http://www.7mainstreet.com andyleff

    Another site to check out is http://www.7mainstreet.com, yes its a local business dirctory, ut its the only one out ther that gives the SMB the ability to open up an ecommerce storefront in their listing page. We have found that businesses, particulaly in rural areas dont have a clue about how to advertise or get online visibility, and all it takes is for osmeone to show them some attention and they have the budgets fr it, it really is interesting what you see in this space when you get outside of the big metr areas.