• http://www.objectwareinc.com/SEOPromotionAndStrategy.aspx mtb167

    Great post. I’m especially intrigued by the stumble upon idea. I have it in my firefox toolbar, yet, I never use it. WHo new it could actually bring you traffic.

    Just for my edification, what kind of traffic are we talkin about?

    Also, while youtube is certainly great for community, i hate the software. i would recommend jumpcut.com You can edit your video there, ad snippets from other videos, there is no limit to the video size, ad the quality is better.

    Down with youtube, I say.

  • Brevetoxin

    I tried out Stumbleupon on one of my sites and I was very surprised when I looked at the logs the next day to see that it had sent so much traffic for such a minimal effort. It’s certainly gotten my attention.

    Great article, Matt.

  • http://www.lonelymarketer.com Patrick Schaber

    Matt – Great post! You’re right, it was similar to mine, but you went into much more detail. Thanks for the great info!

  • http://www.mortgageclass.com MTing

    Very helpful article. I’ve been searching for such an article for a while now since launching my site.

    Some follow up questions I have are this: How exactly does Stumbleupon work? Do you pay for referrals from that site?

  • http://www.hobo-web.co.uk/seo-blog/?p=47 Sandpetra

    Agree very much that every site can find something to attract visitors with, especially using social networking sites…

  • http://www.alpern.org Micah Alpern

    Matt, thanks for the interesting article and shout out about Yahoo! Answers. I’m the design lead for the product and wanted to mention one other useful point. We recently introduced the Answers Network, which lets you build up a list of contacts/fans within the product. This is not only a great way to connect with smart and helpful people, but to identify and build relationships with possible leads.

    Matt, if you or any of your readings are interested in giving it a try add me as a contact. My public profile is here:

    Just click “Add contact” under my name.



  • http://www.smallbusinesssem.com/ Matt McGee

    Thanks for the kind feedback, everyone. It’s good to get such immediate discussion like this.

    @mtb – thanks for the tip on jumpcut.com, I’ll have a look.

    @MTing – StumbleUpon does offer a paid advertising option, but I’ve never used it. If you haven’t already, go check out the site and look for the demo/tutorial. They explain it better than I could. :-)

    @Micah – thanks for dropping a line here and on my blog. Hope you’ll keep in touch!

  • freddie

    Nice list. I have not seen anyone else mention to use #2 Yahoo Answers and #4 Flickr in this way. Good ideas to implement for additional exposure.

  • http://www.cardomain.com Seattle67

    One other thing I’d recommend is to not forget forums, the Web 1.0(?) of social networks. Becoming a credible member in a forum is a great opportunity for driving links and awareness about your site.

    On the publisher side of things we operate a social network for car enthusiasts and I’ve seen SEO and traffic benefits for marketers on our site who really get engaged with the commmunity. So I’m really glad to see you encouraging marketers to use more than just search engines to drive traffic.

  • http://www.smallbusinesssem.com/ Matt McGee

    That’s a good point, seattle67 — and a nice addition to the list in the article. Thanks for contributing to the discussion. :-)