• Avintrue

    I like the idea of Boolean Ratings. It obviously follows the users trends. A sideways thumb is almost a bit redundant because it basically says that the person reading the info didnt feel either way about it. I guess this would help to determine between people not interested in giving feedback and those who felt stuck in between on the info. But for the most part you could just substitute this for people who read the post but didnt feel either way strong enough to add a bad or good rating. I hope that makes sense.

  • http://outingmyinnergeek.wordpress.com wjpeters

    I’d like to see some harder stats incorporated into ratings… like number of visits or average time spent on a post to capture those middle ground folks who may very well read a page or article in its entirety, but not go any further to like/dislike it, rate it, tweet it, share it, etc.

  • http://www.webwordofmouth.net psherland

    Looks to me like you’re trying to treat qualitative data like quantitative data, which is a major sin in statistics. For example, you can’t say that someone who leaves a four-star rating likes a video twice as much as someone else who leaves a two-star rating. The ratings are ordinal — meaning that someone who rated a video as five stars likes the video more than a video he or she rated as four stars. However, you don’t know whether there was a significant difference for the reviewer between the five and four star videos or a negligible difference. Whether you use a five-star or a ten-star scale, you have to resist the temptation to calculate \average ratings\ with this kind of data. Even the graph should not depict the data as continuous — it should be displayed as a bar graph.

  • EkOz

    IMO the pitfall in how Youtube handles ratings is that they only desplay an average rating. With no details whatsoever. So for the surfer the question isn’t – How much should I rate it? – but – Do I like this rating, or do I want to increase it or decrease it?
    An alternative would be to display some bar chart but it may just look complicated and confuse the users.