• http://blog.technolawyer.com/ Neil Squillante

    Good article and good advice. However, B2B dollars are not just shifting from traditional vehicles such as trade magazines and trade shows to search, but to online in general. For example, we offer true demographic targeting (more than just geography), which is actually more precise than keyword targeting because you know exactly whom you’re reaching. In other words, the targeting pre-qualifies people, which means you can focus on maximizing conversion as opposed to trying to limit conversion only to qualified leads, which, as you noted, is tricky.

    Search is an important tool, but it cannot replace demographic targeting in B2B markets. Google may someday provide true demographic targeting in B2C markets (age, gender, zip code, etc.) because those data points are universal, but it will never be able to do so in B2B verticals (e.g., certifications, areas of expertise, etc.) because the data points needed are unique to each vertical.