• hata

    Digg is doomed. There is a large collection of dislike accumulating here: http://www.digghater.com/

  • http://www.seonewsblog.com/ precharge projectnet

    I am the owner of seonewsblog.com and I’ve contacted digg with nothing in return. I don’t know why they keep saying I spammed when I had about ten stories in there.

    Thank You

  • http://www.finestfonts.com Free_Font

    Why would squidoo be banned? They are run by various people with different agendas. Is it bad blood with Seth?

  • http://skattertech.com sahaskatta

    My site skattertech.com has been blocked from digg for about 6months now. I have contacted digg, but no response what so ever regarding this issue. I expected it to be unblocked after a short period of time but no change.

  • http://commongate.com/MarcoPolo marcopolo

    conspiracy? this was frontpaged earlier today..
    here you have a loong digg UNCENSORED forum:

  • http://www.zooillogix.blogspot.com ableiman

    you can add us to the list http://www.zooillogix.blogspot.com

    Yesterday our not-for-profit, advertising free, product free, blog (focused on bizarre animal stories) found itself banned from Digg. All of our posts were removed from Digg. When my brother or I try to login, we receive the message Sorry – bad IP address. When others try to Digg our posts, they receive the message URL Blocked. This URL has been widely reported by users as being regularly used to spam Digg’s submission process and cannot be submitted at this time. This is news to us. We submit our posts to Digg, but do so only once. Digg has not responded to any of our polite requests for information or explanation. Is there any recourse for us here?

  • http://www.zooillogix.blogspot.com ableiman

    just an update, we were unbanned!