• HenkPoley

    “search without searching” is a description like “horseless carriages”.

    What Google Now does: it tries to collect intent from your searches, and notifies you on changes in the world (context) when they apply to your intents. It is about attention and diverting attention to other useful things.

  • http://www.buzzmaven.com/ Scott Clark

    I can imagine a “Q/A” rich snippet style where content providers offer up lists of questions with associated answers. Like a FAQ feed / sitemap.

  • Alex Murphy

    Your searches are just one of many sources it gets information from, like your Drive, Gmail, Calendar, etc.

  • http://aflspace.com/ Phillip Molly Malone

    Love the new features of Google Now. Should be pointed out that they (or at least most of them) are available in all Jelly Bean versions as the Google Search app contains Google Now and updating it (which is available) updates Now! Just waiting on Samsung/Google/Vodafone to get JB to the Galaxy Nexus in Australia!

  • daveintheuk

    Meh – who *actually* wants or needs any of this? Just because something is clever doesn’t mean there is demand (see Google Wave, Buzz and Google+). Google Now is akin to an Apple feature which sounds great when it is announced, but in reality nobody uses (see every Apple product announcement for the last 10 years).

    Google Now is just another way for Google to control your agenda while gathering more personal information and data about you.

  • http://twitter.com/harveybennett harvey bennett

    I really enjoy Google now but do have some concern about the extent it subjects me to the ‘Google filter’. As it supplies me more content related to things I’ve searched for is their a danger of only consuming content Google tells me about?
    Obviously I can choose to use other sources. Just wonder about some of the potential side effects of such a powerful and inherently useful tool…

  • keaner

    I use Google now every single day on my way to work, it lets me know if there is more traffic then usual that day and tells me to leave earlier.

    I can follow the game scores during a game without having to search.

    If i have an email in my gmail about a flight it will show me the arrival times , if its late, gate arrival etc.

    YOU just have no use for it, many do.

  • daveintheuk

    I wish you luck with that.

    Personally, the through of allowing Google to harvest any more information about me really doesn’t appeal… but worse is allowing it to be any more in charge of the content I consume. Google’s search results are already starting to be come more and more biased towards what is best for Google – there is no reason to think that Google Now and all these other “useful” products Google keep rolling out will be anything but the same. I’d much rather stay in control.

  • Daniel Golightly

    Yet, people continue to use the internet at all…… on which data-mining occurs on a constant basis even with cookies turned off.

    I’d like you to provide me with one relevant example of how Google’s results have started to become (rather than be come) more and more biased towards what is best for Google rather than what’s being looked for.

    I should add that anybody who thinks they have control over anything, but their own body is in serious denial of the realities of the world (and that’s leaving out my complete disdain for religious groups that would have you believing that some personification…. oh.. oops… I mean “deity” has control).