• http://pushagency.net JimiBostock

    I am hoping that Google understands the emergence of semnatically driven ad agencies and they should make sure that whatever they do supports and nurtures the new firms springing up everywhere.

    Typically, these agencies are working across the social and semantic and they should be afforded the same respect and support that traditional media extends to traditional agencies.

    The online spend, which will flow to the Googles, FaceBooks, Twitters, etc will only keep increasing if businesses see results. That is where the semantic agencies are going to be, helping the businesses engage better, which will bring better outcomes.

    So, this is the classic win-win-win, if Google and the social media / social networking sites play fair. The end business reaches the right people with the right messages, the Googles of the world get more revenue, and teh new agencies get supported with commissions as they develop the new industry.

    If Google are concerned about agencies padding, then they will find that agencies wil take even more of the budget sans the support of commissions.

    I suggest Google (and FaceBook, Twitter, etc) just roll out no-min (or low min) agency programs.

  • Scott Wachtmann

    It will be interesting to see how this effects other areas of Adwords that touch on the API. My hope would be that this will increase Google’s desire to remove the quota costs from their system. As they remove these reseller partners they are increasing their need for ways to reach customers that are potential advertising partners but lack the expertise to structure their own marketing programs.

    It would be nice to see Google increase its efforts to provide better tools for managing Adwords accounts independently. Or to see them remove the cost restrictions from agencies that have their own tools in play.