• kajehart

    It’s a shame so many web designers don’t believe in learning SEO and incorporating it into their design strategies. Their work deflates the industry for those of us who do. Most clients think, “If I build it, they will come!” No, they won’t, if they can’t find it organically. Great bridge analogy, Shari!

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com Nick Stamoulis

    SEO is evolving and is more about marketing than technical implementations today. If you don’t understand the behavior and needs of your target audience, you won’t have much luck with SEO.

  • http://www.search-usability.com/ Shari Thurow

    Hey guys-

    @kajehart Yeah, that’s why I wrote my first book, Search Engine Visibility…for web designers and developers. I actually got a category page prototype from a client this morning. And I automatically circled the 5+ places on it where I saw potential duplicate content issues. I wonder if the design team would have come up with their ideas if they KNEW about duplicate content and search engines.

    @Nick Do you know what’s funny? If you talk to technical people, they honestly and truly believe that SEO is more about technical implementations than the user/searcher. Well why are you doing the technical implementations, I ask. For Google, who isn’t going to Add to Cart. Or for the people who use Google, your target audience? Deaf ears.

    And do you know what is really the proverbial tough pill to swallow? Many technical SEOs don’t have the aptitude for SEO in general. They have the technical skills to implement redirects and workarounds. They don’t get the “why” part, which is a shame.

    Thanks for your feedback!

  • http://www.tktlc.com Kyle

    Thanks Shari! The use of social media has also became a very important factor for SEO. Google’s search plus your world algorithm update now uses social signals to further make search results more relevant. Understanding social media and using it correctly is dire to a businesses online success and their online reputation. We must work on building relationships with others that have expertise in our field and on sending the RIGHT message to the CORRECT “target” audience. SEO professionals today, not only have to make websites “visible” to search engines but also play an important role in establishing a businesses brand. ~Kyle

  • http://www.search-usability.com/ Shari Thurow

    Hi Kyle-

    Oh my…I am going to assume you have never heard me speak or read some of my writings. Social media, IMHO, has not become a “very important factor” in SEO.

    I disagree with the statement that social media is, “is dire to a businesses online success and their online reputation.” Social media is overhyped. Social media is not a necessity in many industries. And social media participation is not necessary for long-term, successful search engine visibility…it depends on the industry.

    I wrote about this topic a couple of years ago:


    Social media as a signal? It’s a signal, not a directive. I have so many clients who don’t need social media at all, and their qualified search engine traffic and conversions are, shall we say, out of the proverbial ballpark.

    It depends on the industry. Some social media placement in search results is having a negative impact on the perception of “relevant” search results. I did not like defending the engines’ decisions to include those listings (inappropriately) at the World IA Day conference.

    So we must respectfully disagree.