• Eric Draven

    So where can I download this app from?

  • http://blog.agrawals.org Rocky Agrawal


    It’s kind of convoluted. You have to do a search off the Sprint portal, get the results, click the Local Search button and then you’ll get a link to download it. (It may be contextual based on whether you have a supported phone.)


    I believe the browser-based search is triangulated and the application uses the phone’s GPS chip. I get different results when I try the two systems, with the Java more accurate.

    More details on my blog:

  • http://www.5o9inc.com Peter J. Cranstone

    We’ve had the ability to support real time GPS enabled search using the default browser for close to a year now. If you go to this link: http://www.5o9inc.com/mobile.html you can see a short video of it running.