• http://www.connectme360.com Brian Hayashi

    If you were to make your Google Voice number your Sprint number and then change carriers, you would have the election of porting the number but losing the Google connection. The Voice capabilities live with your Google account, not your phone number, so you wouldn’t lose the data.

    I had used Google Voice as a replacement for my home phone back when it was still Grand Central. My sense is that Google Voice needs a bit more work to make it truly family friendly, at least from the mom’s perspective.

    I’m really excited about the possibilities of tying Google Voice with VRM for SMB. When one of your best customers calls up, why not let it ring straight through to the account manager? It’s already a virtually free call tracking solution for A/B pages. Just create two separate Google Voice accounts and have them both ring through to the same numbers. While it lacks some of the flexibility of paid solutions, it gets the job done for free.