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    I’m less concerned about showing the crawl dates on the search results. I would love if Yahoo would start showing the crawl date on their cached pages, because that would allow apples-to-apples comparisons.

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    Hi, thanks for the interesting article.

    I recently launched a a web site on the American folk song Follow the Drinking Gourd and have been tracking home page and site-wide caching information ever since. Bottom line: Since March 1st, Google and Yahoo have lagged on average about half a week behind on the home page, while MSN is running a week or so behind.

    The really interesting differences in caching show up in how frequently the search engines are refreshing the other pages in this site. Aside from the home page, the average followthedrinkinggourd.org page had a whopping cache lag of 39 days in Google, vs. 13 days in Yahoo and just 10 in MSN.

    Follow the Drinking Gourd: Site Caching statistics

    I hope the information proves useful.

    All the best,

    Joel B

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    I always factor in how often a website is updated, for me this far outweighs pagerank