• http://ftc.gov/ MonopolizedSearch

    I also wonder how many webmasters are removing Google analytics and adsense from their websites? Is there any data out there that would suggest people are removing Google’s code from their website in an effort to protect their privacy?

  • Belize

    Very interesting article Matt.

    First time I’ve heard of Ixquick.com and it shows great results. Why do you not link to this Search Engine in the article? I need to jump to the press release, then from there go to IxQuick

    Same with DuckDuckGo.com – good results but no link from your article.

    Is there a specific reason your article does not link out to these new search engines?

  • thwap

    And yet major ‘open web’ foundations like firefox and community-funded websites like Wikipedia somehow manage to stay alive. If the government population-spying gets worse or doesn’t improve (and of COURSE it won’t…they’re an animal with the taste of blood now, and their whole MISSION is to spy and get as much information as they can, (but we CAN fight back because they HAVE gone overboard and it’s wrong), if they SAY they will scale it down and admit they’ve gone overboard, it is a LIE, they will just tighten up their security and go ‘further’ underground, making further and further secret and shady deals in order to get the info they want – all in the name of ‘National Security’ (justifying increasingly dodgy and technically illegal practices – having no oversight and fully excused by this laughable FISA court)!!) – if it only gets worse (which it will, as technology (unprotected by default) equips them and extends their reach), you’ll find sites like these WILL find the funding and support they need to survive.