• http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    “Google has countered that the attorneys general want it to get into policing or censoring content, which it has declined to do.”

    Oh, the irony in THAT defense….

  • Craig Payne

    Are the attorney generals also demanding the same of Bing and others?

  • Brian Reagan

    I wonder if these states are including ripoffreport.com in their list of illegal websites. Correct me if I am wrong but extortion is illegal in the United States..

  • Les Romhanyi


    If Google refuses to manually delist these targeted sites then the feds should
    just build a link network pointing to the offending sites and let Google’s site
    raters assign intent and get them gone that way. Shouldn’t take too long,
    faster than the courts to be sure.

  • http://naturalhealthperspective.com/ J Gohde

    Why STOP there? Why not get Google out of fleecing the public out of their money with scams of all sorts?