• http://www.javancorp.com vanceland

    Great info. I have often wondered about the ramifications of using feedburner’s urls. I didn’t think it would be that easy to change, so I just never bothered.

    I have a podcast as well as a few blogs that I will change.

  • Philipp Lenssen

    Good tip. Best of both worlds I guess.

  • http://nonsmokingarea.com/blog Michael Kamleitner

    another option – for those not able to edit their DNS-records – is to http-redirect your original feed-URL to feedburner. wordpress-users may look into this plugin:


  • http://andybeard.eu/ AndyBeard

    Actually the WordPress plugin is a better option for WordPress users than using MyBrand.

    1. Users are registering to a feed that is on the same domain
    2. It is as easy to setup as switching on the plugin and giving it the Feedburner feed to redurect to
    3. You don’t rely on a future possible feed management company having a similar feature to MyBrand
    4. You can decide to manage your own feeds at a later date, and it works immediately
    5. oh, it is free – though it is still best to use a Feedburner Pro account if you receive enough traffic to warrant it.

    I would however point out that it is highly important to use one of these options. So many blogs have a different URL for their auto-detected , theme included and chicklet icons, thus splitting their readership in multiple directions.

  • http://healthy-family.org Tomas M.

    Thanks for good tutorial. The good news is that after FeedBurner acquisition by Google, many FeedBurner PRO features including MyBrand are FREE!