• http://www.whitehat-blackbelt.com RebeccaL

    So this weekend I was helping my mom shop for a carry-on suitcase for an upcoming vacation. Nothing in the store was helpful regarding the actual dimensions allowed by the airlines, so I used my Droid to search for the carry-on guidelines for the airline they’re booked on. I found it quickly, and suddenly the whole expedition was a lot less intimidating.

    That’s the sort of situation in which I see mobile search being a real benefit. How you search has a lot to do with what you are searching for in the first place. Yelp isn’t going to help my mom buy an appropriately-sized carry-on, but it might help her find a place to eat when she and dad are on the ground in Key West tomorrow. And I do believe that as mobile search becomes easier and your typical average smartphone joe catches on that it’s there, then it will start to grow exponentially.

  • http://www.7xomedia.com 7xoMedia

    I think search is still going to be very important for verticals that aren’t active or large enough to warrant an app download. For example, I might search for doctors or local insurance agents a couple times, and click to call them, but I’d never download an app to do that, because I don’t go to the doctor 3 times a week (like I would a restaurant).

    Steve Jobs only likes things that lock you into his devices anyway :)